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Do What Matters

Jan 09, 2017

Let's be honest.

We all waste a lot of time.

And, we avoid a lot that we shouldn't. 

But here's the truth about the limited time you have in your life:

 You get rewarded for the outcomes, not the effort.

You can complain that you're too busy, that you have too much on your plate, that you don't have time to spend with people, that you don't like your job, whatever it is.... 

 But the reality is that all that worrying or complaining doesn't do much except for buy us time to waste on avoiding it, instead of changing it.

Recently, in addition to the deaths of celebrity icons of my youth (Carrie Fisher, George Michael, etc.), a person in my circle of friends died suddenly.

I did not know this person well, but it was clear he was a really good friend to people close to me, and they will miss him immensely. It was also clear he had some demons he had struggled with, just like those celebrities who departed too soon.

In today's video, I am making a request of you. It is to DO WHAT MATTERS.

Do what matters in your work.

Do what matters in your relationships.

Do what matters for yourself.

Please watch and let me know what you think... and what you are doing to DO. Godspeed.


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