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Engagement Tip for Bosses: Use Your Holiday Greetings Strategically

Dec 12, 2016

For most leaders, the month of December seems to fly by in a flurry of finishing up projects, planning ahead for being out of the office over the holidays, and envisioning how to start the new year off on a strong footing. 

Writing holiday cards to your team members, or even sending an email, can seem like a low priority on the end of year to-do list.

But let’s flip that notion. This is one of the fastest, easiest, low cost opportunities to genuinely connect with your team members and make them glad they work at your organization. But you have to do it right.

Here are four simple tips to making the most of this easy engagement tool:

Make it Personal: Don’t send a generic, one-size-fits all card or email. Send a personal, handwritten card or email to each individual on your team.
Thank Them: Unless they’ve been a net detractor from your team (and you would have addressed that situation already, right?), there should be something you can thank them for. People don’t hear the words “Thank You” nearly enough at work.
Be Specific: State one or two qualities or contributions they personally bring to the team—whether it’s their positivity, their role in accomplishing a goal, or some other meaningful contribution—and why it’s helped the organization be successful.
Express Optimism for their future and your support to make them successful in the future.

When you follow these simple steps, not only do you send your team off to enjoy their holiday break in a positive state of mind, you’ll also refresh your memory of the strengths and talents you have on the team.  And that is something to be thankful for in this season of gratitude and appreciation.


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