How Volunteering Can Help Your Career


Beyond the feel-good benefits of volunteering your time to causes and organizations you care about, there can also be some powerful career-enhancing benefits as well. 

I even know professionals who have found new and exciting roles as a direct result of their involvement with volunteer organizations.

In this video, I discuss real-life examples of the 4 main ways volunteering can benefit your career, including:

1. Taking on leadership responsibilities faster or at a higher level than you normally would in your daily job.

2. Gaining exposure to a new area and developing new skills.

3. Expanding your network.

4. Getting in touch with passion areas and new interests that recharge you and round out your background.

Take a look here:

As you think about giving back, consider how you can enhance your career development as well. 

The benefits of investing your time in worthy causes and organizations can be a big boost to all parties.

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