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Surviving a Top Leadership Change

Jan 17, 2017

Just as the United States prepares for a change in leadership every four years, over half of companies also switch out CEOs every four years on average.

 In both cases, it's important to arm yourself with facts to be prepared for different scenarios.

 Did you know that within the first two to three months, roughly a third of the incumbent senior leadership team will be asked to leave? And that by the end of the year, another 10-20% more will leave?

 When a new leader assumes the top post at your company, your first order of business should be to update your resume. Regardless of whether you decide you'd like to stay on or that it would be a good opportunity to leave, you'll want to take stock of all your accomplishments, the value you've delivered, and the skills you've developed. 

 Because in both scenarios, you'll be interviewing for a job--your existing one (whether you realize it or not), or a new one.

 And the timing is tight--most new CEOs decide who will be on the team within the first 60 days, so resist the urge to "wait and see" what happens, because you won't have the luxury of time...especially as a senior leader.

 The second thing you need to do is decide whether, indeed, you would like to stay on based upon the new leadership vision or if you'd rather move on.

 If you DO decide to make a go of it, here are three things you must do to have the best chance of surviving and thriving with a new leader.


 I'd like to hear from you. Have you survived a top leader change?

 Which of the three strategies was most effective for you?


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