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The Fastest Way to Get What You Want--in Your Career and in Life

Apr 13, 2017

Want to know the fastest way to move in a new direction, in your career or in life?  

And let's be's all life. 

Before I reveal how, I want to reassure you that both 1) I personally have used this method for myself and with clients, and that 2) it will probably sound a little hippie trippy to you. 

No matter. It's too good not to share.  

My only request of you is this: please share any personal stories you have of witnessing this in action (either for yourself, or for people you personally know)... it's fascinating and inspiring to others. 

First, I will share a couple stories--one is mine, one is a client's--before I share the underlying principles. 

Story 1: For years, my husband and I had been searching for the perfect family neighborhood in which to raise our young kids. It seemed like everything that fit our definition of "perfect" was outside our financial reach. After five years of futility, we had given up and decided to stay put in our nice, but non-family friendly, neighborhood. 

When I told a friend how we'd made peace with our decision, she told me her friends were considering selling their late parents' home in our favorite neighborhood. She placed a call, and they kindly agreed to show us the home even though it wasn't on the market.  

When we saw it, our jaws dropped. It was beyond everything we could have hoped for. Sadly, it was also way beyond our budget. 

Grateful for the opportunity to see this unique and beautiful home, I took a picture of the place as we left. 

I printed it out in color and posted the picture next to my computer screen at work. I saved the image file as "The house we live in." 

A year and a half later, after looking at this picture daily, imagining in great detail living there, we moved in. 

Story 2: A client I will call Michael was unhappy in his executive job. He worked at a well-known company that had a great external brand, but he was miserable in the toxic culture. It had eroded his confidence and his enjoyment of life. 

Through a guided-visioning exercise I do with clients, we explored his dream job components without the constraints of "realistic thinking." 

Sure, we did all the standard things like updating his resume and developing a search strategy, but this exercise was a critical component of the plan.   

He let his mind picture in vivid detail the type of colleagues, physical setting, culture, type of work, and most importantly, feelings he'd be experiencing. 

Less than six months later, he was in a new job he loved in a role and company that hadn't ever been on his radar screen. 

In this video, I share two simple but powerful principles and actions you can take to get what you want, fast. Simple isn't always easy, but it works.  

Where do you plan to try this out in your life? Where have you done so? 

Watch here and then share your stories below! I'd love to hear how you've seen this come to life.


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