The Myth of Mastery


Some people limit their potential by buying into the myth that as the more senior you get in your role, the more things you need to be masterful at.

And the problem is, perfectionism can be paralyzing...

It prevents us from trying out and developing new skills because we can think we should automatically be good at something or else we will look foolish.

A wise mentor of mine once shared some advice that helped me get unstuck--and because of heeding this advice, I've developed heaps more skills than I would have under my old mental model.

The advice is this:  "Go for the B."

Not the A.

Don't hold yourself to a standard that you cannot possibly hope to attain. Don't expect perfection when you're learning... but do learn.

Check out today's video to learn about the myth of mastery, and the surprisingly few number of strengths the best leaders in the world have...

Were you as surprised by that statistic on strengths as I was? Have you been able to overcome your perfectionism? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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