The Three Times You Should Compare Yourself to Others


Comparing yourself to others is usually a losing proposition.

In fact, I've noticed that high achievers often have perfectionist tendencies that compel them to compare themselves against their peers and feel that they aren't measuring up.

When they judge themselves harshly, they often shrink in the face of future challenges.

That's a clever way to protect oneself and stay in the comfort zone, where nothing is risked... or gained.

But there are 3 times when it DOES make sense to compare yourself to others.  Watch below to see what those are:

In brief, it can be useful to:

1. Notice what interesting jobs and roles are out there that pique your interest. 

What elements of those jobs are appealing to you that you don't have right now, and how can you get those experiences?

2. Notice what you need to learn to stay current in your field.

What is valued and important to staying relevant in your field?  Determine how to shore up your development in those areas.

3.  Notice what leadership skills and traits you admire in others.

What can you learn and incorporate into your own skillset?

When we use our observational powers to motivate ourselves to make the most of our potential and our interests, comparison is a useful tool.

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