The Universal Question that All High Achievers Ask Themselves


We've all had dreams and goals in life, right?

Since you were a kid, you were dreaming of what you might do or become--veterinarian, Olympic athlete, Superman. Funny how accountant never made the list!

But what distinguishes those who actually go out and achieve the big things they set their sights on in life?

Today's video discusses the universal question that all high achievers ask themselves.

AND most importantly, it discusses how they answer and push through despite the obstacles.

When you have a look, you'll see at the end I issue a request/challenge--let me know if you're in!

I'd love to hear in the comments what it was that you wrote down.

I'm a huge supporter of anyone who takes action toward what they want...and I believe we ALL benefit from the motivation of seeing someone go for it.

So have a look, and then go in the comments.

The world rewards those who act despite the challenges thrown their way.

While high achievers might look like they've got it all figured out, as you'll see the process of getting what you want can often be messy and lonely.

And THAT is what makes the eventual achievement so sweet.

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